4 = heavy [heavier -comp., heaviest -sup.], high [higher -comp., highest -sup.], superior, tall [taller -comp., tallest -sup.], hefty [heftier -comp., heftiest -sup.].
Ex. In fact, the area was well served by a very good neighbourhood advice centre which had a heavy workload of advice and information-giving.
Ex. Lower specificity will be associated with lower precision but high recall.
Ex. Superior cataloguing may result, since more consistency and closer adherence to standard codes are likely to emerge with cataloguers who spend all of their time cataloguing, than with a librarian who tackles cataloguing as one of various professional tasks.
Ex. Occasionally, however, a differently shaped pyramid -- either taller or shorter, is more appropriate.
Ex. Research publication had to adopt the same economic model as trade publication, and research libraries the world over paid the hefty price = Las publicaciones científicas tuvieron que adoptar el mismo modelo económico que las publicaciones comerciales y las bibliotecas universitarias de todo el mundo pagaron un precio elevado.
* a alta presión = high-pressured, high-pressure.
* a altas horas de la noche = late at night.
* alcanzar cotas más altas = raise to + greater heights.
* alta burguesía, la = gentry, the.
* alta cocina = haute cuisine.
* alta costura = haute couture.
* Alta Edad Media, la = Early Middle Ages, the, High Middle Ages, the, Dark Ages, the.
* alta intensidad = high-rate.
* alta mar = high seas, the.
* alta posición = high estate.
* alta productividad = high yield.
* alta resolución = high resolution.
* altas esferas del poder, las = echelons of power, the.
* altas esferas, las = corridors of power, the.
* alta tecnología = high-tech, high-technology, hi-tech.
* alta traición = high treason.
* alta velocidad = high-rate.
* alto cargo = senior post, top official, senior position, top person [top people, -pl.], top executive, top position, senior manager, senior executive, high official, top manager, senior official.
* alto cargo público = senior public official.
* alto comisario = high commissioner.
* alto dignatario = high official.
* alto en fibras = high-fibre.
* alto funcionario = high official.
* alto horno = blast furnace.
* alto nivel = high standard.
* alto precio = costliness.
* alto rendimiento = high yield.
* alto riesgo = high stakes.
* altos cargos = people in high office.
* alto y débil = spindly [spindlier -comp., spindliest -sup.].
* alto y delgado = spindly [spindlier -comp., spindliest -sup.].
* amontonarse muy alto = be metres high.
* apuntar muy alto = reach for + the stars, shoot for + the stars.
* a un alto nivel = high level [high-level].
* cada vez más alto = constantly rising, steadily rising, steadily growing.
* clase alta = upper class.
* con un nivel de estudios alto = well educated [well-educated].
* cuando la marea está alta = at high tide.
* de alta alcurnia = well-born.
* de alta cuna = well-born.
* de alta fidelidad = hi-fi.
* de alta mar = offshore, sea-going, ocean-going.
* de alta potencia = high power.
* de alta presión = high-pressured, high-pressure.
* de alta resistencia = heavy-duty.
* de alta tecnología = high-technology.
* de alta tensión = heavy-current.
* de alta velocidad = high-speed.
* de alto abolengo = well-born.
* de alto ahorro energético = energy-saving.
* de alto nivel = high level [high-level], high-powered.
* de alto rango = highly placed.
* de alto rendimiento = high-performance, heavy-duty.
* de altos vuelos = high-flying, high-powered.
* de alto voltaje = high-voltage.
* de la gama alta = high-end.
* edificio alto = high-rise building.
* en alta mar = on the high seas.
* explosivo de alta potencia = high explosive.
* fijar precios altos = price + high.
* física de altas energías = high energy physics.
* forma de la curva estadística en su valor más alto = peak-shape.
* frente de altas presiones = ridge of high pressure.
* línea de alta tensión = power line.
* llevar a cotas más altas = raise to + greater heights, take + Nombre + to greater heights.
* mantener la cabeza alta = hold + Posesivo + head high.
* marea alta = high tide.
* música de alta fidelidad = hi-fi music.
* pagar un precio alto por Algo = pay + a premium price for.
* persecución en coche a alta velocidad = high-speed chase.
* persona de altos vuelos = high flyer [high flier, -USA].
* persona de la alta sociedad = socialite.
* poner un precio a Algo muy alto = overprice.
* por todo lo alto = grandly, on a grand scale.
* quimioterapia de altas dosis = high-dose chemotherapy.
* reparador de estructuras altas = steeplejack.
* ser muy alto = be metres high.
* sistema de altas presiones = high-pressure system, ridge of high pressure.
* temporada alta = high season.
* tener un alto contenido de = be high in.
* unaprobabilidad muy alta = a sporting chance.
* un + Nombre + a altas horas de la noche = a late night + Nombre.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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